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Date: 10th November 2015
Ethinylestradiol;57-63-6;C20H24O2 Estrogen drugs 1.It is used for supplement of estrogen deficiency, treatment of female gonadal dysfunction, amenorrhea, menopausal syndrome, advanced breast cancer (after menopause women), the treatment of advanced prostate cancer.Combination with pregnant hormonal drugs inhibitS ovulation,as birth control pills. It is mainly used as clinically inhibiting ovulation medicine and also used on children with cryptorchidism and androgen excess, pituitary tumor, to diagnose the hypothalamus - adenohypophysis - gonadal dysfunction, according to the gonadotropin and sex hormone level changes. 2.It is used to cure amenorrhea, infertility, ovarian follicles of infertility caused by hypogonadotropic and amenorrhea related to the weight loss.Weight with diet should be correct.It is also used for prostate cancer (often with cyproterone or fluorine formyl imine share), late or early puberty and endometrial,mainly for the inhibition of ovarian oviposit to achieve the purpose of contraception.
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